We are a model on the road transport market, also focusing on environmental protection, with state-of-the-art transportation (Euro 6), which ensures environmental protection.


Our fleet benefits from high-quality technical support, with permanent inspections of the means of transport by authorized services.


Thanks to the systems of monitoring the means of transport, our customers can check in real time the location of the goods transported, as well as their condition.


We provide transport services both within the European Union and in Asian countries, with a wide range of coverage.


We strictly respect the delivery times requested by our customers, and in express cases we can offer express delivery services.


We guarantee the confidentiality of the information received from customers as well as their identification data.


Our car fleet is constantly monitored through high-performance monitoring systems ensuring a high level of security for both means of transport and freight. Under these circumstances, we can guarantee our customers safe transports at any time.
We also benefit from an insurance system (CMR, CASCO, RCA) through which we guarantee our customers and partners the most sfcure services. The means of transport are equipped with the necessary equipment to ensure the goods during transportation, equipment which allows us to avoid transport risks in a major proportion. We do not hesitate to equip our trucks with all the necessary equipment approved for the safety of the driver, freight, traffic and the environment.


The company's drivers are selected based on performant recruitment criteria, focusing primarily on their freight transport experience. All our drivers have a professional qualification with all the training certificates for the transport of both general goods and dangerous goods.
Our company's employees are periodically checked for skills and are in constant professional development. They are also constantly trained to ensure. proper compliance with occupational safety and road safety regulations.
The professional qualification of the company employees as well as their training is carried out in accordance with EU standards and norms.


We organize team buildings and training sessions where we constantly train our employees. The main objective is to form a team to work together and collaborate to meet the performance criteria.
The training of our employees is done at a higher level so that they are anchored to the latest news and changes in the field. The recruitment and training of staff is based on practical aspects that define and outline the already existing professional skills. Among the priorities of the company is the desire to have one of the best teams, characterized by young staff with advanced capabilities to exercise their attributions and openness and mobility to the novelty aspects.