About the team

"Being together is a beginning, staying together is a breakthrough, working together is a success." - Henry Ford.

Our company builds and forms a young and dynamic team that is constantly developing. The mobility and energy of our employees leads the company to a steady progress and a rapid development in the road freight transport market. Thanks to the qualified staff and the converging collaboration of our team members, we created a successful business in a very short time.

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Principles of the team


DEVELOPMENT. Permanent upgrading of the learning skills of new things. Creating the conditions for developing a successful career.


COMPETENCE. The ability to excel and permanently develop. Individual efforts are rewarded and supported by our company.


RESPONSIBILITY for actions and their consequences. Ability to make important decisions independently.


SPEED AND FLEXIBILITY. Progressive and evolving career development in time with the new technologies.


FOCUS ON RESULTS. Evaluation of activities according to the result. Focusing on objectives.


CREATIVITY. We appreciate and encourage innovative ideas that do not focus on classical templates, but that allow us to develop based on the new concepts.


MUTUAL RESPECT. Treating colleagues with respect and a continued collaboration with them.


PROFESSIONALISM. We support the constant development of the staff by encouraging participation in team building and training sessions.


COOPERATION. Getting results through collaborating with our team members. The effect of multi-person interaction is better than the outcome of one.


POSITIVE ATMOSPHERE. Creating a pleasant environment based on goodwill and sincerity.